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$600 / Tip

AsiaSoccerTips fixed match tip.

A very high confidence level tip, obtain from underground betting community. For your information nowadays soccer betting becoming more and more famous. Just a minor league game will receive 10 millions of bet just in Asia undergrounds sporstbooks. And when the stake of the match is heavy in a particular side for more than 70% the underground betting community will spend an amount to manipulate the game. And this is to maintain the balancing in the underground sports betting.

Our Fixed Match is purely obtain from the community, there are few matches a week and we could provide from minimum 1 match to maximum 4 matches of Fixed Match tips a week. Join us now and bet as a winner.

AsiaSoccerTips correct score tip.

When a syndicate manipulate a match, usually with a very simple instruction. Few instruction such as, maintain the score, stay on defense or let a goal. So, when fixing match usually the syndicate will never bother the scores as long as they meet their requirement but there are some occasion when the match needed to be fixed on a score. This will happen when the community need the player ended with winning only half a stake or draw in betting to protect the stake that the underground sportsbook bet themselves.

Our correct score is the most exclusive in the market and we will have limit in releasing it. Usually not much a week. The maximum tips is 2 a week.

$5500 / Tip

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